Our mission is to provide the intellectual tools and training that nonprofit organizations require to operate a successful kitchen incubator which within five years will become self-sustainable.

Mi Kitchen plays a part in connecting all the dots
We have created the proven models for success which incorporate "best practice" methods and techniques for staff training. We also work with the organization to create partnerships with industry leaders to mentor the foodpreneurs along their entrepreneurial journey and reach success.

"Mi Kitchen's Consulting starts with the concept, forming a partnership with the community creating a success story that endures."

Our Consulting Services
The team of food and business professionals at Mi Kitchen offers comprehensive full service support. Our management team is available to consult and help you advise your foodpreneurs with their emerging food and business needs. Our services include:

  • Concept Development
  • Site Selection
  • Floor Planning
  • Equipment Purchase Recommendation
  • Budgeting
  • Build out
  • Strategic partnership building with the Small Business Administration (SBA), universities, micro-loan organizations, and other state, city, and county agencies
  • Supporting information for the entrepreneurs by providing referrals for insurance, legal and other professional services
  • Job Description Creation and Training
  • Operation Manuals and Procedure Guidelines
  • Marketing your Incubator
  • Grant writing assistance
  • "Best practice" operational and management templates created by Mi Kitchen
  • Turnaround consulting for underperforming incubators
  • Seminars Taught for the Entrepreneur: seminars taught directly to foodpreneurs as potential clients to the incubator
  • Ongoing phone consultations as needed for crisis situations or continued growth

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