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  1. How can we find out how many foodpreneurs are in our community?
    Start by running a few (2-3) seminars on starting a food business. These seminars can be organized and facilitated by Mi Kitchen using local food retailers and business advisors. The focus is to give these budding foodpreneurs the information on how to start/grow a food manufacturing business incorporating local regulations/laws. At the seminar, have the attendees answer a 20-question survey to understand the market- the survey will include some financial information and their dreams. The attendees of the series would be the incubator's future clients.
  2. How big should an incubator be?
    It depends on your community size. A smaller/ well designed incubator is the best; it is more economical to run, has less monthly expenses, and requires fewer grants to build. It is easier to start and quicker to become self-sufficient with a smaller footprint. Running a 24/7 available kitchen enables you to accommodate a greater amount of clients. If you find yourself to capacity, you can always expand your footprint or build a second kitchen.
  3. Why build an incubator?
    Consumers are becoming more aware of the availability of higher quality foods and the ability to purchase them not only in gourmet stores, but in multiunit supermarkets. GMO free, handmade, gluten free, gourmet, organic, artisanal, are all words to describe a $127-billion dollar market with a 15% increase between 2014-2016. And the trend continues; small foodpreneurs need food incubators to grow their business in order to participate in this profitable market.
  4. What is the importance of community partners in building a commercial kitchen?
    While the incubator is the actual manufacturing site, foodpreneurs require the assistance of experts such as pro bono business counselors, and free services provided by city, state, and federal agencies that enable them to sustain and grow their businesses. This generates job growth and tax dollars for the community.

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