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Talking about Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen®

"There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about,
and that is not being talked about"
                                           Oscar Wilde -The Picture of Dorian Gray

"Lt. Governor Visits Queens Entrepreneur Space"
NY1 view article

"At Incubators, Chefs Aim to Turn Recipes Into Big Businesses"
The New York Times view article

"The Entrepreneur Space in Queens: Taking Food Hobbies to Commercial Success" New York Food Truck Magazine 10mb pdf

"LIC's Entrepreneur Space helps grow biz"
The Queens Courier view article 1 view article 2

"LIC's Entrepreneur Space: Helping businesses grow for the past three years"
The Queens Courier view article

"QEDC Celebrates Entrepreneur Space Third Birthday with Authentic Belgian Waffle, Food Galore, Guests"
Long Island Exchange view article

"It's in Queens" ESpace Birthday Party on Twitter
2/12/2014 view feed

"The Newark Sustainability Network" on Twitter photographed us in action
2/4/2014 view feed

"Artisanal food suppliers helping to keep farmers markets open year-round" NY Daily News view article

"Elected Official Discusses Ways The State Can Help Small Businesses Boom" OurLIC News view article

"Ideas get cookin'! Incubator for new small food ventures"
NY Daily News view article

"QEDC Workers, Entrepreneurs Have A Big October"
Times Newsweekly view article

"Entrepreneur Space, An Innovative Incubator"
The Queens Gazzette view article

"Maloney Visits Entrepreneur Space"
The Queens Gazzette view article

"Astoria Food Entrepreneurs"
Boro Magazine view article

The Entrepreneur Space made CNN Money's list of "Seven Hot Startup Incubators" CNNMoney view article

"Mayor Touts Entrepreneur Space"
Times Newsweekly view article

"Food Startups Find Space"
Fox Business view video and article
909kb pdf

"Food Revolution Prompts Entrepreneurs to Make It in New York"
Gotham Gazzette online view article
655kb pdf

"Baking Dreams Into Real Business"
Huffington Post online view video
598kb pdf

"An Inside Look at the New Entrepreneur's Incubator"
OurLIC.com view article
4mb pdf

"A Kitchen-for-Rent Is a Lifeline for the Laid-Off"
New York Times view article

"Where Do Whoopie Pies Come From?"
The Queens Gazzette online view post  |  16kb pdf

"Budding business really starting to cook"
NY Daily News view article  |  270kb pdf

"Baking Center Helps Cook Up New Entrepreneurs"
NY1 view article  |  88kb pdf

"Cooking up job training in L.I.C"
NY Daily News 140kb pdf

"Where culinary dreams take shape, batch by batch"
Los Angeles Times 104kb pdf

"Building an edible business from scratch"
Staten Island Advance 112kb pdf

"Being own boss is upside to getting downsized, say new biz owners"
NY Daily News. 72kb pdf

"The NYC incubator initiative:
BIA/NYS and one of our members on WNYC"
Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc. view post

"ABC Kitchen Innovations incubator cited as model"
Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc. view post

"5 Tips To Boost Exec's Efficiency"
Crain's 104kb pdf

"Kitchen Incubators Get Food Business Cooking"
SpecialtyFoodResource.com 72kb pdf

Sector B Interview: Brooklyn's Food Manufacturing Economy
view movie  | Get Adobe Flash Player

"Doing Well By Doing Good"
Enterpeneur 72kb pdf

"Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen"
SpecialtyFoodResource.com 124kb pdf

ABC Eye Witness News Segment On The LIC Kitchen
view movie
Get Adobe Flash Player

"Your Great Idea, Whose Time Has Come"
O, The Oprah Magazine 616kb pdf

"When Cooks’ Dreams Outgrow Their Ovens "
The New York Times view article

"LIC Bakery Is NFP Of the Year"
The Queens Gazette 248kb pdf

"LIC kitchen a slice of heaven for small businesses"
Times Ledger 80kb pdf

"The Professional Pull of Toffee"
The New York Times view article

"Helping Tia's Flans: Time-share cooking facilty for startups"
New York Post 64kb pdf

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